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I was going to blog about something very different today, but I just did something that I think warrants talking about. Tonight I became a minister of the Universal Life Church.

This (I imagine) raises three questions, especially for people who know me. 1) How did you become a minister? 2) Why do you want to be a minister? And 3) How can you be a minister of the ULC if you’re Catholic?

Let me explain:

1)      The Universal Life Church allows anyone who wants to be a minister to apply to be one. They will help you with obtaining the proper documents needed in your county of your state. They do not care why someone wants to be a minister and believe that anyone who has this desire should be allowed to do so.

2)      I have been reading blogs on the website Wedding Bee ( and the blogger Mrs. Penguin did a whole post about how someone might become legally ordained as a minister. This is something I had thought about before, but the idea particularly appealed to me now. I really like the idea of the officiant of a wedding being someone the couple knows, someone who can really personalize their ceremony. I know friends who are not religious, but would like to have someone to lead a ceremony other than some random stranger. I don’t know if any of my friends or relatives will actually ever call on me to fulfill this role, but I like that I can.

3)      Being Catholic doesn’t really preclude one from being a minister of the ULC. They state upfront that they promote freedom of religion. Anyway, I’m not sure how Catholic I actually am. Culturally, I will always be a Catholic. It’s how I was brought up, the school I attended, the practices of my mother and grandmother. It will always be a part of my history in a positive way. Technically, I will also always be a Catholic religiously. I was baptized as a child and confirmed at age sixteen. I’ve taken part in every Catholic ceremony one can as a young, healthy, single woman. Belief-wise, however, I don’t know what religion I ascribe to. I have ideas about how I think the world works, but I hardly think it necessary for a person to label him or herself in order to have beliefs.

I am really excited at the idea I could officiate a wedding some day. I can also do funerals, baptisms and hear confession, but it’s the weddings I’m excited about. The best officiant to me is one who makes a service really personal to the couple. I would try very hard to do this and I feel I could be good at it. I am pretty comfortable as a public speaker, so I would have no problem leading a ceremony once I had practiced at it. I would talk to the couple about what ideas they had for the service and try to make the day as memorable as possible.

I feel very strongly that weddings are an important time in a person’s life and I would do everything in my power to make it an amazing day.

P.S. Oh, and Amanda became one as well. I hemmed and hawed a little bit about whether or not to tell her, because I knew she would want to be one, but in the end she had the right attitude about it. I knew she would, honestly. She’s very excited about it, much like I am, but she also sees the seriousness that can come with the title. We discussed our feeling that we should embark on some course of study to really earn the titles we have been given, though we don’t know exactly how that study will focus as of yet.

P.P.S. I don’t know what I want my official title to be yet, but I’m leaning toward Doctor of Metaphysics. Crystal also suggested I go for Time Lord.


Posted November 2, 2010 by Kristen in Blog

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