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The dream I had last night was really long and involved, so I can only remember bits of it.

First there seemed to be some sort of arbitrary caste system identified by color scheme, similar to The Handmaid’s tale but on a smaller scale and the colors somehow responded to wealth and genetic purity. I think I was in red or yellow but was attempting to masquerade as blue (the highest).

At one point I remember I was showing a red woman a secret passage built between her main floor and basement, accesible by pulling down one of the corrugated tiles from her basement ceiling. I explained that her late husband had been in the resistance and planned this way for her to escape, similar to what my father had done for me.

In another part of the dream I had snuck into the bedroom of a little blue girl and was asking her questions to gain information (don’t remember about what). I think there was some passage connected to their house as well, because I hid a ladder in her closet. Her mother started to come into the room so I attempted to hide under her bed, but I wasn’t fast enough and she saw my hand.

Later, downstairs, I lied through my teeth and said I was a blue that had been captured and experimented upon with recombinant gene technology that injected the DNA of a cat into my system. The blue mother was horrified on my behalf, but I could tell she also didn’t quite believe me. She asked to see my hat and I thought gratefully back to how I had fabricated a blue hat the week before. It was a kind of small sombrero. We heard on the radio that a couple of her neighbors had called in to complain about her lights still being on. She turned them off and I considered just running out of her house but knew that she would catch me.


Posted August 12, 2010 by Kristen in Dreams

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