The Guy Who Hates Pennies   Leave a comment

Flashback to last night. I was about midway through my shift at Panda Express when this particularly interesting customer came in…

He was a middle aged man, average height and average build. When I asked him what he wanted, he gave me a stern look and started to point at things.

Now, I’ve had customers do this before, but usually they are Hispanic people who aren’t comfortable sounding out the strange food names, like Beijing Beef.

Not only was he pointing to things, but he seemed annoyed with me when I repeated the food name aloud to make sure I knew what he was pointing at. At this point, I noticed that he had an insignia on his polo shirt for some stagecrafters organization. I wondered briefly if he was a mime or something else stupid like that.

When we got to the money portion of the transaction, I typed his order into the computer and told him he owed $9.31. He scowled and suddenly shouted, “I hate pennies!” He began to go off on a rant about his hatred of pennies, including their smallness and the fact that they cost too much to make. He would also occasionally throw in guided questions to provoke my agreement with his opinion.

It was while he was talking that I realized he might be at least partially deaf. I don’t know what pennies ever did to him though.


Posted August 1, 2010 by Kristen in Blog

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